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Ain't no denying I love Photography, every aspect of it. Ask anyone who knows me. There's something very special to me in capturing people at their best, and documenting who they are at that time in their life. 

To me, life is about moments and how they make you feel. To look back at a photograph and go back in time. Life is about not skipping desert but having it first before you get full with the meal. "Snickers full size Ice Cream bars" are the bomb, always have room for those.  Life is about laughing, enjoying the moment and adding joy to the lives of others. 


It's about capturing YOUR life's moments, sharing in your life, being your family photographer. I understand you have bad thoughts in your head and anxiety about having your images taken, no worries I will pose you, I will help you with what to wear, we'll get threw it together. 


We are the studio who produces portraits with quality light. When we go outdoors, we'll choose where we need to be for the right quality. In the studio we'll add mood to your portraits. We are a studio who cares, takes the time to get it right. We want you to rave about us to all your friends. We want you to enjoy the photographs today as well as in 30 years ...ok 40 years 

My obsessive interest in photography began at the age of 10 when my dad bought me an Olympus camera, which I still have. It wasn't a very good one, but I didn't know that and didn't care. I loved it! Guess he knew something I didn't--Imagine that. 

It's hard for me to put a name on a style but I feel it's a mixture of Comtemporary and Traditional, "Urban Antique". I love new styles and techniques but with a vintage undertone. 

I'm a member of several professional organizations including: Professional Photographers of America, Georgia Professional Photographers Association, National Association of Photoshop professionals. I'm constantly furthering my technical knowledge and sharpening my creative skills. It is very important for me to invest time and money back into my career and studio. I have studied under many of the country's top photographers.


First and foremost comes my family as my priority. I have an absolutely wonderful husband who puts up with my photography obsession. He is my soul mate and I can't come up with the words to say how much I adore and admire him, he can do anything, except pose in a picture for me, can't get a straight face out of him.

A personal promise I made to him was to not overbook the schedule and leave time for us as a couple, since I am a diognosed work-a-holic.

I would rather have fewer sessions and give you the personal attention and service I beleive in, and you deserve, rather than be a volume studio.

Sincerely, thank you for your interest in Ana Lombardi Photography, I can wait to see you soon!! Call for any questions you have 770-252-5236