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Helpful tips

Throughout the session I photograph a mixture of photojournalistic and traditonal styles. In photographing this way; sometimes it's best to let children be. In some cases children act natural if the parent/s is just slightly out of view and I can interact with them. Please feel free to bring items that have special meaning to the session.


When should I schedule my Session?

As soon as possible! The appointment book fills up quickly. You are more likely to get the day and time you want by booking early. Recommended is 4-5 weeks out.


How do I book my session?

Simply call us 770.252.5236 or e-mail us through the contact us page on this site. or click here Our address is 207 Marion Beavers Road Sharpsburg, Ga. 30277

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The session fee is due when you reserve your appointment. We cannot hold appointment times without prepayment. See "Investment" for more information.


What should we wear? Prior to your session we'll connect to discuss clothing and ideas. but please don't wear white, (I'll explain) We have a Session Tips PDF on here that you can print out and read. 


Babies--skin is wonderful! For newborns "Naked baby" is an absolute must. Bundle your baby in loose clothes as to not give indentations in their delicate skin. Wether you will be in some of the pictures or not, Mom and/or dad please bring a long sleeve BLACK shirt with you to the session if you have one, better yet bring 2 since your baby may soil it. Schedule your appointment immediately after feedings or wait to feed when you get to the studio, we want your baby's belly to be nice and full and for them to be content. If you have a special rattle, headband or something meaningful to you please bring it, we can decide once it's at the studio. 


Children--Keep it simple! Avoid logos and busy patterns when choosing your child's clothing. We like to encourage vivid colors and textures, as well as standard neutrals. We love and recommend barefeet. Other good choices are jeans or Khakis. After you have booked the appointment I would love to give you my cell # and you can send me a picture of the outfit/s this way I can think about what we'll do BEFORE you get there.  If children are being photographed together it's better that they wear coordinating colors they don't have to match exactly, just compliment each other. Please feel free to bring along favorite items, fun accessories, such as hats, scarves, toys, blankets, etc...


Pets- Have your dog groomed and looking their best. Bring a cute collar or an outfit. Try to hold off on food and water until after the session, it may wind up being our bribery.


Family-- It's best to keep consistent. same length sleeves, same color bottoms, Denim or Khakis make great choices. You do not have to match, but at least have the colors harminize with each other. For instance if you choose brown, multiple shades of brown will be fine maybe adding tan, beige. and mix and match within all being photographed. Don't wear white, it may work fine for beach photographs but not otherwise. Our eye is drawn to the brightest part of a photograph, so if you're wearing white, your shirt will get noticed more than your face, and we want all the faces to be what stands out most in the photograph. 


Seniors-- Bring your favorite outfits, something you might not wear anywhere else, go for it , it's your senior pictures! We recommend you bring 4-6 outfits depending on what session you choose. Feel free to bring sporting equipment, musical instruments, hats, hunting, equestrian, anything that shows who you are. We will provide the drape and pearls for the girls and tuxedo for the guys. Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment time, no sooner because we may be on location finishing up a session. When you arrive at the studio bring all your things inside with you. Come dressed with your first outfit already on. And girls have your make-up and hair done before you come in. Most of all remember to have fun and show your personality.

Clothing selection is very important. Choose clothes that flatter you. There will be a wide variety of poses, so bring clothes that you can easily move around in. If you are unsure of an outfit, bring it and we'll decide together.


The following are only suggestions: Long sleeve, dark, solid color top. Bright colors look fabulous.

Please do not wear sleeveless tops if you don’t like the way your arms look.

Bring something trendy you love. Something you’d wear on a date or out with friends. Stylish and contemporary. This is your chance to show your style, express yourself and shine!

What about make up?

We suggest you apply your make-up as if you’re going on a date. Apply it a little heavier than normal, as studio lights may wash out facial features, Applying make-up a little darker will help make your final images look amazing. Even if you typically don't use makeup, wear some for your shoot, you'll be glad you did.  Please have your make-up done before arriving at the studio.

Bring Accessories! You favorite things. Some examples are: boots, scarves, chucky jewelry, hats, fur, just to name a few.

Bright new sneakers may look great on, but they stand out too much in a photo. We want attention to your face not your tennis shoes. Please bring your clothing on hangers so they are not wrinkled when you change into them.


Couples-- Be comfortable. Dresses and skirts are fine and look great, but we will do some floor shots so be mindful of the length and comfort of your clothes.



When do I see my images?

The images will be ready for you to view within 1-2 weeks after your

session. During the photo session we'll make your follow up appointment for you to come back into the studio to view the images, design your products and place your order.


Please bring any and all decision makers to the viewing/ordering/design appointment. Orders will be placed at this time. We will be happy to schedule a second ordering session for you if needed, However, because of the extra time involved a $30.00 charge will apply to set up another appointment to view the images again. (sometimes this is needed in a divorce situation) Also, we have learned that, when returning for a viewing/ordering session, it is best to make arrangements for child care

if possible. As you know, we love children, but we have learned from our moms that you will enjoy the selection process much more if you are uninterrupted and can think clearly.


The digital files are kept archived for 30 days from your order session date. Files not ordered from the viewing/ordering session will be purged. High school senior files are kept all school year. For all other sessions, pictures that you have ordered will remain on file for 6 months. In order to maintain our level of quality and consistancy, the minimum order not including boutique items must be placed at the ordering session. .



The images from all of our session are copyrighted. Prints and products are only available through our studio. The prints you receive are of professional quality and caliber. Please do not attempt to copy them in any way. They are very low resolution and will produce poor results. I ask that you respect my copyright and my art and order prints or a disk.


How long will my order take?

Once you place your order, your final prints will be ready in Appx. 3-6 weeks. Specialty items may take longer.


Please don't hesitate to contact us with further questions. 770-252-5236.